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$BLITZ token

Our native token $BLITZ is designed to provide its holders with ever-increasing value and an unlimited upside potential without inflation.
$BLITZ is the primary token utilized by the products and services of Blitz Labs. In order to grow the value of the token with price action, scarcity and underlying value; Blitz will be a fixed supply token that is deflationary by nature due to the features presented below:
  • Buy Tax: 0.3% / Sell Tax: 0.3%
  • Services fees are paid in $BLITZ
  • Dividends paid out from profit streams coming from Blitz Labs services & products
  • Buybacks result in a higher price floor and a larger LP
$BLITZ will also facilitate Blitz Labs governance and allow holders to contribute to the network's evolution. 270,000,000 $BLITZ tokens were minted at the token generation event; this is the maximum supply, which will only decrease from the time of launch. There will be no additional tokens minted. The vast majority of $BLITZ tokens are owned by the community. Blitz Labs doesn’t have to pay out high farming rewards to incentivize liquidity providers because Blitz Labs owns the majority of $BLITZ liquidity, and as the largest liquidity provider, earns the majority of the LP fees, which is another source of revenue for the Treasury.


Airdrop - 177,982,100 $BLITZ Liquidity - 12,017,900 $BLITZ Community incentives - 40,000,000 $BLITZ Network growth fund - 40,000,000 $BLITZ
Circulating Supply - 190,000,000 $BLITZ Max Supply - 270,000,000 $BLITZ
Launch Price - 0.065 BUSD per 1 $BLITZ Launch Market Cap - $12,350,000
Circulating Supply - the number of $BLITZ tokens in circulation at the time of launch (Airdrop + Liquidity).
Max Supply - the number of tokens in circulation will never exceed this number.
Airdrop - Amount of tokens that will be distributed via airdrop to users who deposited $CROWN token into the migration contract. For every 1 $CROWN deposited, the user will receive 100 $BLITZ.
Liquidity - Tokens that will be used to create the initial liquidity pool. The majority of these tokens will be added to the LP within one week of the launch of $BLITZ, with the remainder going to the Network growth fund.
Community incentives - Rewards that will be distributed to holders through single-sided staking and the LP farm until dividend staking becomes available.
Network growth fund - Tokens set aside for partnerships, CEX listings, fees and so on.
Blitz will be available for purchase on May 11th. At launch, we are aiming to add approximately $1.5M liquidity.
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