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Step 1: Approve BUSD No unlimited approvals are used, so for every deposit a new approval is required . Step 2: Deposit BUSD All deposits are tallied under 'initial deposit'. So if you would deposit 2x 125 BUSD the initial would be 250 BUSD and you would qualify for automation. To deposit additional BUSD after auto-compounder is enabled you first have to disable auto-compounding (you can then re-enable it again after the deposit). Do note however this resets your compound schedule. For uninterrupted extra deposits this is best done with a secondary wallet or on the claim (7th) day. Step 3 (optional when more than 250 BUSD deposited): Enable auto-compounding

You can enable/disable auto-compounding at any time, but it will reset your 6-1 progress when you do. Auto-compound moments are done twice per day around 3:00 AM/PM EST. When first enabling auto-compounding it will take up 12-23+ hours to sync up to the auto-compounding schedule, see the following examples:

  1. You enable auto-compounding 1 hour after the previous auto-compound moment: You will sync up to the auto-compounding schedule in 11+12 hours.

  2. You enable auto-compounding 1 hour prior to the next auto-compound moment: You will sync up to the auto-compounding schedule in 1+12 hours.

If you enable auto-compounding this will be the last step. All tier bonuses and multipliers will be automatically applied during auto-compounding and your rewards will be sent on the 7th day after having built up 24 hours.

-- Next steps only apply if you did not enable auto-compounding --

Step 4: By (auto-)compounding you increase your current Compound multiplier. Your compound multiplier multiplies your Blitz token bonuses on every compound. A total of 11 compounds is required to remove the 60% early withdrawal fee, this ensures everyone follows the optimal 6-1 strategy. There is a 12 hour cooldown between compound multiplier step increases, this is reflected with a timer in the dAPP. (If you enabled auto-compounding your compound multiplier step will show as 11 for 3 cycles, this is normal)

Step 5: When 11 compound steps have been completed the 60% withdrawal tax will be removed and you can claim your earnings. Be sure to have your rewards build up the full claim day so they match your estimated daily yield! The box 'current rewards' is what is claimed not the estimated daily yield below it! Claiming will reset your compound multiplier and withdrawal tax.

If you get the error: BEP20: transfer amount exceeds balance' You are trying to transfer more BUSD than you have in your wallet (make sure you look at the BUSD amount in your wallet not the USD amount it is worth as BUSD is often worth just over a cent on the exchange).

Referral rewards are paid out to the referrer's wallet in BUSD instantly.

Blitz Token integration:

A stacking compound bonus up to 12.1% if you hold 68000 Blitz tokens!

When compounding every 12 hours (or autocompounding) you will go up a tier with each compound up to a maximum of 11, as described in step 4! The maximum tier gives a 3% bonus.

What tier you can reach depends on the on number of Blitz tokens held:

  • Tier 1: 5000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.1% compounding bonus with each compound up to 1.1%

  • Tier 2: 15000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.2% compounding bonus with each compound up to 2.2%

  • Tier 3: 22000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.3% compounding bonus with each compound up to 3.3%

  • Tier 4: 34000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.5% compounding bonus with each compound up to 5.5%

  • Tier 5: 68000 BLITZ gives a stacking 1% compounding bonus with each compound up to 11%

An additional stacking 0.1% compounding bonus up to 1.1% is given as a loyalty bonus to anyone who holds over 34000 Blitz tokens. This loyalty bonus stacks with the bonus tiers. Extra referral bonuses based on the number of Blitz tokens held, increasing referral bonus to 9.2%!

How do I make another deposit with auto-compounding enabled?

Depositing more BUSD while auto-compounder is turned on cannot be done without disabling it first. Disabling auto-compounding resets your current 6-1 cycle and multiplier bonuses. You can counteract this by following the below steps:

  1. On your 7th day of auto-compounding (claim day), click the 'Disable Auto-compounding' before your rewards timer runs out. To be safe, do this with at least 30 minutes remaining on the timer (00:30:00).

  2. Wait until you have 30 minutes (00:30:00) remaining on your rewards timer.

  3. Manually claim your rewards using the 'Claim current rewards' button.

  4. Approve BUSD for the amount you want to deposit first. Enter the amount of the BUSD you want to deposit and hit the 'Buy BLITZMINER' button.

  5. Click 'Enable Auto-compounding' to re-enable auto-compounder.

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