Blitz Labs


BlitzPad will be launched in 2 phases — First phase will be as a launchpad.

What is BlitzPad?

It is decentralized launchpad that allows anyone to create their own token, raise capital and kick start a new project with the cross chain presale service in just a few clicks.
There is no need for coding; simply navigate through our DApp, design your token, and launch it. BlitzPad also provides a number of other features to assist you with the overall token launch, such as assisting with the listing of your token on DEX, locking your LP, and adding a vesting period for team tokens.
BlitzPad will benefit holders in three ways:
  • By giving access to pre-sales, whitelists and launches that will be conducted using the network of professionals we have through the Blitz Team,
  • Buybacks will be funded through service fees,
  • Service fees will be distributed to holders in the form of monthly dividends via BlitzVault.

Phase 2 will be introduced soon after.

Our BlitzPad will have phase 2 services that provide a one-stop-shop for all projects to consult for: advisory, full-stack development and a multi-service support including, but not limited to contracts, tokenomics, marketing, leadership and support on all levels for project needs. While this may seem logical, the crypto community often forgets that we are the very small percentage of the world that took the leap for the decentralized life and crypto often seems like voodoo to most off-chain businesses. So, by providing a valuable and knowledgeable team members who are able to assist off-chain businesses to bridge over, we are able to help projects who are facing obstacles on moving forward. We are given the opportunity here to something special and help more of the world become decentralized.

Why would someone use BlitzPad when there are other Launchpads available?

Massive marketing, the best deals on similar DeFi products, and high-quality services and support will be required. Everything, including fees, branding, and user experience, will have to be better or competitive.
A portion of the fees will be returned to the launching project in order to promote BlitzPad during its first month of operation.
Soon after launch, an affiliate system will be introduced in which users will be able to refer projects to launch via BlitzPad in order to receive a portion of the raise.
However, there is a lot of work ahead of us as a team and as a community to ensure that this platform is used and shared with other communities/users.

Services fees

Our protocol will profit from each token creation, presale, token airdrop, token lockup, vesting conducted through BlitzPad DApp. For example: BlitzPad will receive 0.2 BNB for each new token minted, 1 BNB for each presale created, and 4% of all BNB raised. Fees will be charged as well on Phase 2 services.